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So here are some of the reason I (still) don't like Lee.

His entire civilization of billions has been reduced to somewhat significantly less than 50,000 souls in a long term apocalyptic war. And, despite the fact that he's a natural pilot with god given abilities and the highest ranking pilot that exists in the dwindling human race, he's indulging an IDENTITY CRISIS because daddy makes him feel like a beta male. (Well, he is a beta male, so that is no surprise, but he blames that on daddy, too.) And he resents the fact that he became a pilot, following in his father's footsteps, even though that was his free and clear choice, because he still resents his father leaving him/them when he was a child.

Get over it already, Lee!

Clearly he doesn't have the stones of a member of the greatest generation. Unlike Daddy 'Dama who has been steady as a rock despite almost dying and unbearable, unremitting pressure. (That won't be such a feat, however, if daddy turns out to be a cylon.)

Also, Lee reminds me of Riley. Total straight arrow.

And Kara can't really love him because she needs some monster in her man. Which he doesn't have and never will have.

Date: 2008-04-24 01:31 am (UTC)
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I'm woefully behind on commenting, but I wanted to say that that's pretty much exactly why Lee has been getting on my nerves lately. He started out as a character I was mildly fond of, but now? The more I see of him, the less I like him. And yes, it's a horrible time to be having an identity crisis. I mean...Buffy had those, but she always kept in mind what was more important than her issue of the week.

And Lee leaving the military when things are this tense is just lame. Also? When he decided to leave, as far as he knew, he was Kara's only supporter on Galactica, but he had no issues with leaving her there alone. So, yeah, no Kara/Lee vibes from that.

I think Lee can be dark, though...but a lot of the time, his 'monster' is expressed in a passive-aggressive way that's more annoying than anything else. Not very different from how Riley acted out when he finally did.


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