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I think Zarek's chances of being the last cylon in the final 5 just shot up astronomically. Got Mr. Clean in to do the job he wanted done - and which will leave his hands publicly clean. With just a few sincere words to Lee - tte of, "I'm on her side. Trust me, better yet - trust yourself." And now he has Lee now pitted against Roslin, and soon his agenda will come into view, whether he has one of his own, or if merely wants to be a spoiler and problematicize Roslin's job by upsetting her. Which will in turn upset the Admiral because his son is leading an attack against her. And it's all geared to make Laura look bad and to show off her weaknesses, which are already known. As Lee said, she thinks of herself as a benevolent dictator.

This dynamic is an interesting switch from the early seasons, where Lee used to ally with Laura in order to annoy his father. All a part of their messy ongoing oedipal struggle. Now he's going to do it, indirectly and filled with righteous indignation, through Laura. Which will succeed in distracting the President and the Admiral. And with all that righteous indignation fueling him, Lee won't notice the main game.

Zarek, who had observed this dynamic at various stages, has now outmaneuvered everyone. A bit like Cavil on the other ship.

The cylons may no longer have a plan, but he sure does.

Well played, Zarek.

Date: 2008-04-24 01:35 am (UTC)
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Lee/Laura/Bill as Oedipal is awesome. While I have a fondness for early Lee/Laura, I never made that connection, but it's perfect.

Also never considered Zarek as the final Cylon but that may well be the case. And Lee is so easy to manipulate. All you have to do is show him what's wrong in theory, present a few arguments to support it, and he's ready betray his mom, dad, and his favorite dog. I love how Zarek totally gets that, and Lee is too stupid to ever see beyond the ideals.


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