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Okay - I really don't get Dollhouse.

I'm finding it disturbing and unpleasant.
Despite wanting to like it.

And I'm not seeing the point of it. We're 8
episodes into a 13 episode stories. Surely
there should be a point besides women are
victims/men are sleeze, victims stay victims,
you can't get out, victim, victim, victim.

There are no solutions, there is no hope,
everything is circular and you always end
up where you started from without hope
of getting to the end, because it's all just
place holding spokes on a hub. With a
story that goes round and round and no

It's not really making me want to watch it anymore -
because it's like a giant puzzle you can't escape
from with much unpleasantness, but instead of
drawing me in, it's starting to repel me.

Maybe that's just the anti-postmodernist
in me reacting negatively to the post modernist
framework. That's quite possible - since I always
react negatively to postmodernist frameworks
and this is the reason I am anti-postmodernism
in the first place. Maybe it's a badly told tale, or
a tale that does not work in the medium of
TV the way much of the audience currently
construes it - as entertainment, not as
drawing out a sensation of unpleasant angst.

If this latest episode was supposed to achieve
some kind of fake catharsis for the audience
as well as the actives, it failed in the former
case, even though it may have worked in
the latter.

Are we supposed to think that there is something
unbearable at the core of us all that breaks our
identity into smithereens? Though that didn't
seem to be the case for Sierra, just Echo and
Maddie. And who knows about Victor - what
he did or what happened to him.

I dunno. I'm frustrated, but not in a good way
particularly about this show.

I had another idea about Dollhouse when I was in the shower.

It's like a hell dimension you can't escape from.

Reminds me actually, in Echoes case, of the hell dimension that
Gunn volunteered to stay in in Season 5 Angel after he found he could
not live with himself after he inadvertently abetted the death of Fred.

This seems to be the scenario with Echo. She inadvertently took
actions that led to her boyfriend's death - and can't live with herself,
so, if Adele is not lying, at some point she committed herself to the
dollhouse, and committed herself to Hell. Everyday, the same story,
and you have no remembrance of who you are and why you are
there. And everything is an illusion.

The only question is why Joss thought there was an audience
for this week after week?

And is this his metaphor for human existence at large?

Also, I wonder if Adele is a former doll herself - as she seems so wise
to all the thought processes and rationales.

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