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I liked this episode, though it wasn't one of my favourites. (Although given the quality of the shows this year, that's a hard category to match on a weekly basis.) Thematically it fit in so perfectly with the series arc and the season arc. And I loved the irony of the title, introduce brother, head off snark on TWOP and other fan lists about introducing the heretofore unknown adult brother.)

This episode reminded me very strongly of 4.4 Metamorphosis, where Travis insists on killing the pregnant wife, because he won't be around to have to deal with the next generation of Rugaru children. And the adult rugaru - the child that he didn't kill originally ends up killing him because his pregnant wife is threatened.

Here, John W., for whatever reason - whether pity or mercy or just didn't get there in time before the trail vanished, stayed his hand, and because of that act, the progeny
of the ghoul he killed then kills his son in turn. And almost gets Sam.

Both of these episodes contain a kind of warning for hunters. And I bet we are going to be shown the truth of that in 4.21-22. Which is also going to hearken back plenty to Gordon, in Hunted, 2.11, telling Dean that it was inevitable what Sam was going
to turn into and he just couldn't see it yet. (As far as we know, Dean never recounted that conversation to Sam, but it is going to end up echoing at the conclusion this year.) But Dean has his eyes peeled wide open now, and he's looking everyday at Sammy to see where the evidence takes him. As he pointed out this episode, his eyes sees things that other eyes don't. And he doesn't like, and hasn't for a while, what Sammy is turning into. And what Sam wants to turn Adam into, almost immediately.

That one scene where Sam takes Adam out for target practice and Adam near bull's eyes his three shots to Sam's tremendous approval - 'you're a natural' - as Dean watches on, seeing not only Sam and Adam, but John and himself as well on his 8th birthday and his father's pride in him - that scene stung.

This was also highly reminiscent of Family Remains, where a brother and sister were also left on their own to raise them - selves and at about the same age, killed the human monster who had made them live that way. Though then they branched out and started killing others. And it is always poor Dean crawling through the intestines of the buildings to find out the scut that is going on. He did it there too, but in that episode by choice, since that was right after his torture confession and guilt was motivating his every moment.

I thought it was interesting to see the reversal in 4.19, how the 'monsters' regarded John as the monster, who had perverted their entire family and was even the cause of them starting to hurt live humans as opposed merely to feeding on corpses - which, in the scheme of things is much preferable. In both 4.4 and 4.11, there is also plenty of cause to look at the hunter as a true monster, as well as the actual monster.

This kind of reversal - standing the question of monsterdom on its head and shaking out its pockets to pose the question from a different end - also relates to the question posed in 4.18 - who is the monster at the end of the book. And since I'm expecting that final surprise monster is not going to be Sam, but Scary!Hellcarved!Dean, the reversal of monster status here - I'm presuming - will foreshadow and match the one
we get in the series finale.

(I was also waiting for Sam to turn his demon-fu powers on the ghouls, but it didn't happen. Yet. It's got to soon, though, that he turns his powers on a non-demonic target.)

I'm really glad Dean is done idolizing his father, however. And now sees him clearly.

This episode made me hate John Winchester a little, I have to say. Would taking Sam and Dean to a baseball game (or the equivalent) for their birthday once in their lives have killed him or them?

Though it's so sad that now that Dean doesn't have Sam anymore he also has reservations about John. And actually they are some of the same reservations.

Dean is becoming more of his mother's son. I kept thinking of teen!Mary in 4.3 telling Dean that the worst thing she could think of was for her children to be raised into this. And that is why she wanted to leave hunting. And how Dean reacted to that. And
then its Mary's children that are turned into hunters to their core, and this other one who escapes it.

And you can't even say, well at least they are still alive, because they've both been killed already, Dean 2.5 times (counting Faith as .5) and Sammy, once.

And it was kind of shocking how blithely Sam said to Dean they should call in a favor from Cas and have Cas raise Adam. Sam, I believe, was referring to the fact that he saved Cas from Alastair. But it also makes me think strongly that Dean never told Sam why he was raised to stop the Apocalypse. Because if Sam knew that Dean 'was special' because he had started the apocalypse by being the first righteous man to break in hell and start torturing - that that was the price for being raised from Hell and returned to his body, I don't think Sam could have made that comment.

And BTW, that 'Dad was right about all of it' from Sammy, is going to come back to haunt them. Because the thing that haunts Dean, the thing that first started changing his thinking on 'Dad', was 'Dad' telling him he might have to kill Sam. So Dad being right about all of it means that, too. The place we've been heading all year. And the one horrible, terrible thing that has been staring into Dean's face, like the abyss, for years now.

And finally, the blood symbolism worked really well, having the ghouls feed off of Sam in order to live and be empowered, rather than him feeding off of Ruby. But Sam is not going to let that figure into his calculations at this point. And stop him. Not by any means.

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Yeah it made me hate John a little(or a little more, in my case, seeing as I've always felt John was a crappy father).

I don't care that he had an illegitimate son. It's that he lied about it. It's that he snuck around on Dean to form a relationship with this kid. It's that he never told Dean(because Dean was around, not that I don't think Sam shouldn't have known as well).

I can't stand it when people use the excuse Dean would have been angry, to defend him. Hell yeah, he'd have been angry. He had a right to be, but he also had a right to know. Someone being "angry" is not an excuse to not tell someone the truth.


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