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Spoilers for 4.20 and Future Spec

I'm pretty worried about Bobby.  In fact, I've been worried about him for months now.  We know Dean is going to lose Sam to the darkside.  That's been clear for months and months.  

That means the only thing he has left to lose is Bobby.  Given the importance of literary symmetry this year - to the extent that the Kripke and Co. even brought that point to our attention in 4.18, MATEOTB consider the structure of the season.  Bobby almost dies in 4.2 - he is saved there by Sam.   

Last episode, the third from the end of the season we saw Sam transfixed by the pulse point of a human/demon and succumb to his desire for blood by sucking down the blood right from the neck wound.  This was an obvious visual reference to the Rugaru in 4.3.  So we have there perfect literary symmetry - a theme that is introduced in the 3rd episode comes to fruition in the 3rd from the end - as well as an intensification of that theme; obviously we care far more if Sam drinks blood from the neck of a victim than if some random guy who is transmogrifying into the monster of the week does the same thing.  Also, bear in mind that Trevor, the victim in that case, was an old family friend, and at one point, in Criss Angel, Trevor and Bobby are explicitly compared.  

So, back to my original point.  Bobby almost dies in 4.2, when Lilith creates a ghost vendetta against Hunters.  So, if they are really going to follow literary symmetry, Bobby is going to be in a lot of trouble again this episode.  The question is - will there be an intensification of the theme such that he will actually die, or will they stop short of that again?  

From a dramatic POV, the better story would be to kill him, IMO.  But...given how few characters there are besides the boys in SPN, they may stop short of that for pragmatic reasons.  As well as the fact that it would freak everyone out because Bobby is so beloved.
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