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So all season long I've swung back and forth about Dollhouse, wanting to make sure I gave it the benefit of the doubt and being interested but not enamored and waiting out the dreary beginning.  

It felt very postmodern to me - and I don't have a natural affinity for postmodernism.  Instead of fantasy, it's world view seemed very bleak - grim, mundane reality, and the notion of identity was something that kept on being reinterpreted, overlaid again and again with something new, depending on who and what agenda was behind the machine.  To the point where the notion of intrinsic meaning or core value was being called into question.  

But then the whole show turns out to be a metaphor for Joss and his neuroses.  And now I've become thoroughly disenchanted.   

I kind of instantly stopped liking it once I realized that the whole series was just a metaphor for Joss justifying himself to the world at large - for his sins at working either at evil Fox or the evil entertainment industry at large  - aka The Dollhouse - in an industry that exploits idealistic but screwed up women and some men and turns them into blank slates that the industry just injects with interesting personalities and sexualizes them in unbecoming ways.   And that his personal penance for participating in this exploitation of women was going to be to play the good shepherd for his  protégé during her 5 year contract.  5 years at the DH - 5 years under contract to the studio - jesus, how dumb does he think we are.  Thus, 5 year contract for Paul/Joss in which, while his protégé is under contract, he'll be there to take care of her and try to minimize the evil of her contract, but of course he'll have to participate in it as well.  So, his penance will be to sully himself.    
Complete and utter narcissism if you ask me.    
He should just go into therapy and stop taking his guilt trip and various anxieties out on us. 
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