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Dean is back, I'm so happy!!!
Man, I missed him.

He kind of breaks my heart though, because all it seemed that he needed
in motivation was for someone to tell him he was going to succeed in
what he was setting out to do, the way Zachariah encouraged him
at the end of It's a Terrible Life. It strengthens the impression I had in
After School Impression that no one ever encouraged Dean to do anything,
no one ever looked at him and noted his qualities, the way Sam's teacher
encouraged him. And now, all of a sudden, after so little by way of
encouragement, and a stint in a different position where he was
respected, he has a new confidence in himself all over again.

And the tragic thing here is that Zachariah is the one who encouraged
him, and it's all going to end by Dean having to take down Sam. And
he's going to end up feeling totally manipulated and abused by
them. With the exception, perhaps, of Cas. Which I've been predicting
for months.

We even got the line - directed by Lilith to Sam - that is eventually
going to be used to peg down Dean to make him act against
Sam - Lilith says to Sam wtte of "you'd put your own life (and that
of Dean) above the six billion people on the earth." I've been
predicting that one for aeons. You'd put Sam above 6 billion

Not only that - but Dean just tied his own hands. He got
Castiel to aid him to save Sam's butt tonight in
exchange for his promise to do what
he has to do in the apocalypse - which will be to take
Sam down. He doesn't know it, Castiel doesn't know
it, but Chuck and Zachariah sure do.


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